Out of the Box Parenting

It’s All About Unlocking Your Power to Parent

If you’re at a point in your parenting life where you’re tired, frustrated, have read all of the best-selling books, and still believe there must be a better way, I can assure you there is a more effective, less stressful way and it is well within your reach!

This framework is dedicated to empowering parents to build deeply connected and more effective relationships with their child(ren). This work is focused on unlocking the “power to parent” that arises from our natural human drives and instincts — the end-goal being the healthy emotional development and maturity of each child.

I call this approach “Out of the Box Parenting” and it will completely change how you see, make sense of, and experience being a parent. It is empowering and liberating.

While most parents are continually searching for the latest tips and tricks about “what to do when” in order to change their child’s behavior, the reality is that nature designed the parent-child relationship to be based on how the child is oriented to the parent.

Simply put, it is who you are being with and for your child that drives everything else in the relationship — as well as their behavior. Focusing attention directly on trying to correct the child’s behavior is the primary mistake and simply creates additional frustration for both the child and parent.

But for many parents the attachment-driven power that nature provides has been lost, overlooked, or inadvertently given away, resulting in parent-child relationships that are unnecessarily frustrating, strained, and conflict-ridden. It can become an exhausting experience for everyone in the family.

While parenting has never been easy, it’s much harder and definitely more frustrating when we’ve either lost or are neglecting our “power to parent.” Without the the power to parent working on our behalf, the parent-child relationship is driven by the tension between the two — parent and child — as a battle of wills and a struggle for control.

We get caught up in the emotional experience of the moment and things rarely go as planned for either the parent or the child. It can become a real mess for everyone.

(My wife and I have been there, done that, and know how frustrating it can be to want the best for your kids, but have things blow up despite your best intentions.)

On the other hand, when you work with the “power to parent” that nature has provided, the relationship between you and your child becomes more closely aligned and is like a dance — with the you in the lead and the child following along.

This metaphorical dance is more aligned with our natural drives and instincts as human beings, and has supported the healthy development and maturity of children throughout history.

But let me be clear, this is not simply about being “mom” or “dad” to your kids. It’s also not about whether or not you love your kids — I’m going to assume that’s just a given. It’s just that those things aren’t where you’ll find the “power to parent.”

It’s about whether or not your child is oriented to you as their compass point in life, seeing you as both their safe-haven and secure-base, trusting you from their inner-most being, and instinctually seeking direction from you for navigating their world.

They dance with you, not in opposition to you. That is the “power to parent” that nature has made available to you.

It’s still not easy — but working with nature (rather than against it) changes everything!

My work and the “Out of the Box Parenting” framework is informed and supported by the findings of neuroscience, child development theory, and many wisdom-culture practices from around the world.

If you’re interested in exploring and experiencing a less-frustrating, more effective, and development-friendly approach to parenting, I’d love to help you along that journey.

You probably already noticed that there aren’t any buy-buttons on my website. The best way to see if there’s a good fit between us is to have a conversation. Regardless of what we decide, I promise it will be of value to you. Let’s talk — my contact information is below with a link to schedule a call or Zoom meeting.